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May Faves

Welcome to the Inaugural "Faves" newsletter. For me, I have many little things in my life I enjoy. So, I compiled a short list of things I truly enjoy. That make life better, easier, and more joyful! So sit back, read and enjoy! Jennifer

May is a blissful time of year- we're fully grounded in Spring, and for me, I've adjusted to the time change and allergies! And June is shortly around the corner- my birthday month!...I turn 45 btw.

As I've mentioned in my Stories, on Instagram, (@__hohm__) this monthly Newsletter will launched into your Mailboxes the 1st of every month: so let me what you think of my "Faves", in the comments section below or DM me on IG.

1) Peonies absolute favorite Flower!

May is a favorite, of mine, as Peonies Flowers grace our Presence yet again. I run myself down to Trader Joe's and the farmers market for large bundles of Peonies! I would gladly grow Peonies myself but it is not possible in the Zone I reside in, in San Diego, but someday I will.

Peonies are so lush, and never don't where a petal starts or ends. Visually they are stunning and so robust, it's outright adoration on my end. As I spoke about in the last blog, flowers, and plants bring so much life to a house- I think they are integral to "Finish" a home. They are worth every dollar spent, whether planting them yourself or buying them to only have for a short time span. I look forward to May every year and the glory of the Peony!

2) Cocokind Skin Care Line

I discovered this female owned (win), Organic line on Instagram and then was able to sample their products by accidentally stumbling upon them at Marshalls ( I still run across them there). Also, they are based out of San Francisco and the price points are unreal (major win) for Organic products.

In the past couple of years, I have become very aware of the products I use, and how I can improve the quality of them. Cocokind is a perfect entry into the clean world of Beauty and it’s affordable; also I love all the scents they use. I'm very picky and often lots of skincare products give me headaches, so Cocokind is a win!

They made me a daily user (finally) of their Rose smells wonderful and is $16 for 4 oz.. Actually, I just went to their website and think Im going to try two of their new products: I will report back once I use them. I'll be trying their Oil to milk cleanser ($18) + Glow Essence w/Sea Grape Caviar ($18). The glow essence helps your skin retain more moisture which I am all about as summer and dryer weather is upon us.

I also use other skincare products, as I try Beauty Heroes and The Detox Market monthly subscriptions, but Cocokind is easily accessible at Target and Whole Foods. Head to to peruse their products.

3) Evan Healy Lip Balm

Shout out for more Beauty Products. This lovely lip balm is all I use now. Yes, it is $9 (lasts a long time), and yes the hydration is amazing. And, yes, it smells lovely too which is a must for me!

I believe it is better for us, and our health and the planet, to be using cleaner, more organic products and this fits the bill! Also, this company resides here in San Diego which I think is fantastic to support a local business.

With ingredients like: whipped Shea Butter, Raspberry oil, Vitamin E can't go wrong. Also USDA Organic. I was a Chapstick gal through and through, but it has petroleum in it which is not good for the environment.

I've found Evan Healy at Sprouts, Whole Foods, on Amazon prime and of course through their website:

4) Second Hand/Thrifted Clothing

I stumbled across several accounts on Instagram that have a focus on Slow Fashion, aka buying clothes used/Second Hand/Thrifted, etc. or from Sustainable brands such as: Elizabeth Suzann, @elizsuzann ...on Instagram.

I'm not going to lie, several short years ago, the idea of buying and wearing used clothing did not appeal to me...At all. But, this is one aspect of Instagram I love: learning, community, and so many other things.

I found Gillian (@uncomplicatedspaces) who has wonderful style, and I follow her posts daily. Go give her a follow and see what Slow Fashion is all about.

I also follow Laura (@lapetitefemme) and she's in San Diego, too. She sells a lot of Petite vintage/thrifted clothes; she's great and I hope to buy from her soon.

Remember, you don't have to buy from people online even, you can run yourself out to your local Goodwill or Thrift store, etc. I go to a huge one in Escondido and I recently found a 100% wool, Charcoal grey LL Bean button down shirt for $6. Major score! It's being dry cleaned and I'll be set next winter for colder weather. You cannot beat the prices. I've seen tons of Cashmere at that thrift store too but haven't found the right size yet...but I will. I'm sure that would be a $70 shirt minimum, brand new so it's easy on your wallet, and wonderful for the planet. 🌎 We consume a lot when it comes to fashion and buying used is a great alternative to lessen our load on the environment.

This is what I've learned in a short time: start buying Thrifted and stick with 100% natural materials and your body and the planet will thank you. Think Cotton, Wool, Linen, and Silk. Viscose, Rayon, Modal and Nylon are better than things like Polyester and Acrylic (totally synthetic). Did you know Polyester traps heat to your body?

So it does nothing but make you hot. Start looking at all clothing labels and you will be shocked. Polyester is in most everything. My goal is to get synthetic fabrics out of my wardrobe ASAP! I plan to buy less, and buy better quality items. Upgrading my wardrobe has been fun and I love acquiring quality pieces.

My mission statement and culture of my Company is to use Antique + Vintage in our homes. I find them to be better made, more beautiful and you are not contributing to Fast Decor, so delving into Slow Fashion is actually a logical step. So think about it, and maybe give Slow Fashion a try. I'll put up a Highlight real in my Stories of all the pieces I have acquired secondhand.

5) Le Labo Ambrette

I discovered the French brand Le Labo on Instagram as well. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased their Ambrette 9 scent back in March. I am in love! The Amber and the Pear come through so much! It's earthy and fruity all in one, and there is citrus as well.

I actually went to a class, through Nordstrom's and it was fascinating to learn about how they make the perfumes and the mission statement behind the company. They make the perfume for you right there which I like the Bespoke nature of it. The 9 means there are 9 other scents that comprise the Perfume.

They also make Candles and I purchased Verveine 32...

These are pricey purchases but so worthwhile and a great investment.

I hope you've enjoyed my Faves...see you in June for another installment.



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