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Wardrobe Files/Fall 2021


I decided to try out the Cladwell Capsule program at the end of June, which I originally heard about via Natalie Borton (find Natalie on IG @natalieborton ), and I am so glad I did!

We've all been there. A closet of clothes, and feeling like there is nothing to wear. Also, holding on to clothes you've had for eons, but haven't worn in eons. But nonetheless, you still have them. It is a bizarre little secret we all have. I have the first piece of Anthropologie clothing I ever bought, and will be selling because it's way too Boho for me and just not me; not even sure how long I've had it! Possibly 20 years!

I have to say, I have gone from being a tomboy to a tracksuit pant-wearing gal with not a lot of style to a Woman that cares. My forties have been a time of expansion, in all areas of my life. I suppose we all tell ourselves these crazy stories that root pretty deeply. Mine was, I wasn't thin enough, didn't have enough money, this wasn't my style because of said body type. And on and on and on...Infinitum.

And, then one day, I told myself to shut up, and I have built myself from the ground up. It started slowly, with getting my nails done, which I'm coming up on my 3 year anniversary of that beauty ritual I so enjoy. And more recently, getting my hair done 4-6 times a year; and having my face lasered as I have freckles and brown spots galore.

Lol, straightening my hair and dealing with the daily battle of frizz might be in another life...we shall see.

And, nails trickle into what I put on my body and how I presented myself to the world every day. And now, I'm cultivating my version of "Jennifer's" wardrobe at the ripe old age of 47, and actually wearing it...just because (comfort is the enemy of style I've realized).

Biggest Ah-ha for me, wear it just for you! Not a man, not a job, not to impress your friend. I wear it for myself. To feel fully Jennifer. Which somedays is casual and sporty. Somedays, pretty and dressy. And a lot of days, dressed up but with that California flair: jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater (can't wait to pull my sweaters out!)

I will say, the Cladwell App and accompanying videos, give you clarity and courage to get rid of what doesn't serve you. It did for me! I halved my wardrobe! And, it made me realize, I do not need any more high-heeled shoes. They may look great, but they really hurt my back and it isn't worth it.

I'm all about simplifying life and upgrading life- I talk about that fairly frequently in stories...head to Instagram to get my views on this @__hohm__. I've accomplished it and now is the time to expand my style and my notions of myself (i.e. I'm wanting better, dressier shirts/blouses as I lack in that arena right now).

Slow and steady...can't wait to round out more of my closet. A few I'm looking for this Fall: trench coat, more dressy blouses, one more pair of dressier tennis shoes, several purses, and way better PJ's.

What are you shopping for this Fall Season?

P.S. I literally have 3 pairs of jeans, might add a 4th but that's all I need (never been too into jeans, but I've found the holy grail with Levis Wedgie cut, so I am set.

After painting my bedroom last year, I finally got to painting the Closet after  almost a year's delay.  And oh what a difference paint can make!
An elegant my late 40's...



Julie Beets
Julie Beets

This story so resonates. The organization of my clothes, even at 58, is never quite complete and always evolving - exactly as you said - based on mood, weather, stage of life, and yes, body shape. I appreciate your willingness to own your style and your realization that it should be about you and only you.


Hi Julie,

So glad my Blog resonated with you! So fun to see this in my mail this morning (with coffee in hand). I think an update is in order- stay tuned! I think all of us should embody our best selves (whatever age) and feel beautiful in our skin. I am, more each day and I love it. 9 months until I'm fifty and I'm going to rock it, with style and grace.

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