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Hohm goals...2022

1909 California Craftsman Bungalow restored in 2019 through 2020, and undergoing full repainting of exterior in 2022.
California Craftsman Bungalow nestled in Bankers Hill

Come along on a journey of Hohm (home) and what I have in store for my three-bedroom California, Craftsman bungalow. If you came here, via my Instagram page thank you and if not, welcome.

Here is a quick snapshot of what has been accomplished (since December 2019): 2 bedrooms and one hallway floor completely re-finished and re-stained; rooms were also patched and re-painted (had not been done in 30+ years); March 2020 small hallway painted which then led to the whole interior being re-painted, room by room (with Swiss Coffee by Behr...flat paint and then Semi-gloss for all trim work) completed in July 2020; Master Bathroom ripped out in February 2020...tile work completed in May 2020, and then glass shower door installed in March 2021, along with new window above tiling; Library ceiling hole patched and re-painted in February 2021 (hole had been open for over a decade); Master Bedroom floors sanded and re-finished professionally in April 2021 and Closet painted; back-office door sanded and re-stained, and coated with polyurethane (summer 2021).

A quick glimpse into past projects:

Master Bathroom tiling began in May 2020 and a simple, inexpenisve porcelain subway tile was used for the shower. Along with marble tiling in shower and then a basketweave tile for the flooring in the bathroom. Echoing the style of the early 1900's but with new materials. Design was in kept in line with Craftsman era design concepts and asethetics.
Master Bathroom tiling

February 2020, the master bathroom was ripped out and then completed by June 2020.

Master Bathroom Renovation from early 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Sub-flooring gone and extensive plumbing work done before sealing up the floors happened. Many steps in the redesign of a bathroom, I learned a lot.
Master Bathroom Renovation

Old plaster walls in a 1909 California Craftsman Bungalow being patched and made ready for painting with Behr's Swiss Coffee flat paint. Found easily at Home Depot.
West Facing Bedroom

So now, with many major projects under my belt, this year, will be dedicated to some design upgrades I hope to achieve, and I'll go room by room and tell you what's on the agenda; granted I do have a couple of major projects I want to do. We shall see if I get to all of them.

Major Projects:

1) Paint Exterior of house, including trim

2) Sand and refinish bay windows in Living Room and Dining Room- which includes restaining and re-polyurethane all surfaces.

3) Paint porch

4) Find a company to install heat and possibly AC in the house

Minor projects:

1) Sand down, fill in holes throughout the house from previous projects; possible re-staining of wood; this will be tedious as there are many holes from previous curtain rods hung up and sand down paint that overlaps on wood from the previous painting.

2) Find custom curtain rod for dining room

3) Re-texture ceiling in Library by a professional

4) Move extraneous furniture into storage

5) Weatherstrip sagging windows in the house

6) Add original brackets (that hold them open)back to windows that were taken out previously

7) Sand and re-stain front door

8) Find door hinges for bathroom and back office- they are incomplete at present

9) Buy brackets for the kitchen cabinets

10) Source door for back Office Closet or make one

Interior Design projects:

1)Buy a better rug for the laundry room

2) Buy Espresso making machine, probably Breville

3) Source curtains dining room and in need of a larger rug

4) Source larger rug for living room

5) Source urns for Mantle, larger scale

6) Source chairs for living room, possibly English roll arm pair to match the new sofa

7) Source Roman shade for the main door, possibly a stripe or paisley (English inspired pattern)

8) Replace light fixture in Indian Bedroom to the more period-appropriate one

9) Long Persian rug for Hallway

10) Rug for Library

11) Antique Rug (better scale) for underneath my Bed

12) Hand-done curtain for in Powder Room

13) New towels and Bath mat in Master Bathroom (I started with white; now realizing a darker color will be better long term)

14) Curtains for Office. New, larger rug. Possibly art for walls.

Writing this Blog has been illuminating and clarifying! I've accomplished a lot, but still have much to do. An old house requires a lot, but gives back tenfold! Stay tuned, I will keep you apprised as this journey unfolds. I'm excited to have you here! And I hope I inspire you to work on your houses, too.

West Facing Bedroom complete...bathed in gorgeous afternoon sun hitting the 19th C writing desk I found at an Estate Sale.  Hard work, patching walls and painting have brought this room back to life!
West Facing Bedroom complete...

Enjoy and learn and take notes, and do e-mail me if you have any questions, Jennifer.


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