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Hohm is “the place in which one's domestic affections are centered."

For Jennifer Riley, the designer at the helm of Hohm, that place is a 1909 Craftsman.  Jennifer grew up in a Victorian Queen Anne, built in 1892 where she spent her childhood ensconced in “visual splendor.” Being surrounded by antiques fostered her love of timeless design and history and the marriage of the two. After pursuing two degrees: one in English and the second with a Masters in Screenwriting, Jennifer then decided to pursue her passion for Interior Design.

Even now, the thrill of the hunt drives her. Jennifer’s designs are equal parts preservation and passion, as she finds creative ways to add old world charm to every home. She lives her life in pursuit of exquisite moments where the past and present converge, at antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, and within impeccably designed spaces.

Jennifer believes that design is for every person, and is the highest level of self-expression. Above all, she hopes to inspire a passion for history and bringing it into your home. With that in mind, she founded Hohm, a full service design firm. From headquarters in San Diego, Hohm serves clients in the area and globally via e-design services. She also makes some of her favorite finds available for purchase in her online shop.


"Eclectic design, singular style, timeless style in a modern way, California casual with a vintage twist."

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