June Favorites + Summer

Summer heralds in even longer days, and warm nights.

Sweet scents of the garden... 🌿 I'm a gardener, btw. 🌿 ...and so much more

Here are a few things that light my fire + give much joy to my life...in no specific order. Enjoy.

I have a handful of tried and true Food, Products, Books, Podcasts that make life grand!

So here goes with what makes this Gemini ♊️ happy!

1) Kombucha: love all the different flavors + how it helps your gut; I believe it cured my eczema through drinking daily (and yes, I've made my own).

2) Aesop body Balm and Soap...a bit pricey but I enjoy small luxuries.

3) Cocokind: a fabulous Organic, skincare company out of San Francisco. The price points are so accessible which is great.

4) The Dr. Tommy John Podcast...I've worked with him off + on to help chronic shoulder pain from three Labral tear surgeries. He's a font of information + bursting with passion + generosity. Find him on IG @

5) Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter for Lips...again pricey but amazing product.

6) Diptyque Candles- These are an investment but truly splendid. I adored the Oranger candle which is perfect for Christmas time + winter months.

*More on Candles soon; I will be writing a Blog on a long list of Candles for the home (at all price points).

7) Instagram accounts I follow + truly enjoy

Gardening: @williamand edward + @deannacat3 are my two favorites (so many)

Health: @shutthekaleup + @alisonwu + @rawchefandrea + @tripleplaydoc + @drtommyjohn

Interior Design: @harlowejames + @sgardnerstyle + @carmeonhamilton + @houseofbrinson + @themakerista...all very different but very talented and I enjoy their stories, too.

Finance: @saverspender + @chasingboba + @theluxestrategist

Clothing/Thrift: @uncomplicatedspaces + @sarahchuck

Spiritual: @drewcanole + @thedetoxinitutive + @byron.katie

So many more to mention but these are my mainstays that I watch most of the time.

I can't wait to tell you more little things I love, and I will do so every month.


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