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June Faves...and Birthday Shenanigans

June is the official start of Summer (June 21st)... to be exact.

Summer is for long days, sunny skies, and Garden abundance...I grow veggies. 🍅 🌽 🥒

Albeit, I struggle with the heat and humidity during these months, which in San Diego is more like 5 months ...I love these delights of summer.

A few "Faves" I have in mind will bring pleasure, ease + joy for the summer months ahead!

1) Kombucha

With summer, we all gravitate towards lighter everything: Clothes, Food, House decorations (at least me), and Drinking concoctions.

I think I discovered Kombucha through an episode of Real Housewives of NY (don't judge me)! And, I remember thinking, this is one expensive drink! But oh let me sing the praises of this wonderful beverage! If you've never heard of it, starting looking around for it and maybe give it a chance! I'll tell you what it’s done for me + why I enjoy it so much!

I've had eczema since the age of twelve. And, it's come + gone over the years. I had a really bad attack back in Winter 2015 while I was recovering from my third shoulder surgery. All over my stomach and the worst itching imagineable. I honestly can't remember how long I’ve been drinking it, but I'd say 4-5 years- minimum. I'm happy to report, I've not had a serious bout of eczema in 3 1/2 years. I attribute it to the Probiotics in this fizzy drink that is so much better than any soda! Ever! Better for you, and way less sugar + definitely no preservatives like in Diet drinks. Best part, Kombucha flavors are endless + so very refreshing as a summer drink!

P.S. I drink it year round, but that's just me. It is an investment, but it will serve your gut well; and if you really like it, you can save money and make it at home like I do.

2) Vitamin C Serums

I've been singing the praises of all things Organic and healthy for quite some time. So, now I'm entering the Healthy skin care arena for sure, and really starting to care about my skin, as I age. I received a Vitamin C full sized sample in a recent Beauty Heroes Box by a company called Bluh Alchemy and it was amazing! I've definitely seen a difference in my looks smoother, less wrinkles + texture is overall better. Growing up in San Diego, I've taken on my fair share of sun damage, and I'm finally doing something about it. I'll eventually be getting to Laser therapy with my face. Head to (not an ad or sponsored...was just enamored with their products) to peruse their products. Remember it's an investment.

Also, there are so many Vitamin C serums on the market, at many different price points. I just got one from Target that clocked in at under $30, which is way more my speed right now. I will report back on that soon enough.

3) Mejuri

So, I'm having a moment with jewelry! I should backtrack + say I have been my whole life, but definitely with this company. I found them on Instagram as I find many products these days, and I just love their simple, classic jewelry. Just perused their website. They believe in luxury being accessible and for everyday! I couldn't agree more- I'm a fan.

They sell fine jewelry for under market value, and it's elevated my jewelry game for sure. I'm on a definite budget, but this company makes it possible and doable. I've now purchase 2 rings, 2 pendants, and 1 set of gold, hoop earrings. And, I will be purchasing more down the line and upgrading my everyday jewelry, along with my clothing. Upgrading one's life is fun work, and I'm loving my 40's so much. So much change since September, and all so worthwhile.

I decided to keep this Summer blog post short, but be on the lookout for another Blog before the end of this month. I think I'll be talking about the power of Change and how it's been a driver in my life this past year, what I've done, and what I'm planning for in the future.



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