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How to set a Gorgeous Table with Antiques

Happy New Year! I am happy it's a New Year, and am excited to bring new, continuous content to the website.

Setting a dining room table is meditative for me, and I wanted to share my tips and tricks.

1) You can never go wrong with a Lovely, old tablecloth. Immediate chicness.

A Newly acquired vintage tablecloth set the tone nicely. It's the most gorgeous shade of tangerine, with delicate damask patterns throughout.

2) Ground your table with a bit of the New.

I pulled out all my Anthropologie plates I've been collecting for years (slowly). So not old, but I love the design and look of them.

3) If you have heirloom pieces, USE them.

Then I layered in my Grandmother's Waterford Crystal glasses. Utterly stunning,

timeless and never go out of style.

4) Layer in varied, unusual items.

Other additions included my "R" initialed, Vintage napkins, all early 1900's Silverplate forks and spoons; and then Mother of Pearl knives.

5) Height is good for the eye and visual continuity.

I placed a nice Target candle in the middle for height and visual difference.

6) And lastly, don't wait to use your Special items. Now is the time.

And, I laid out quite a few special serving Forks, Spoons and whatever moved me to gaze upon.

Antiques are so varied, and perfect for the Eclectic minded.

I know I want a bit of everything, and this Panoply of styles does not disappoint.

And the best part, no one will have this exact same look. It's tailored to me, to my tastes!

And, I love the thrill of the hunt, finding the most gorgeous, unusual Antiques for my home, and bonus, often they are oh so affordable.

I'd love to hear your thoughts,



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