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Good Things Are Coming

It's July 2nd and life is humming, right?

It's getting hotter, and the tomatoes are starting to come in. There is a special feeling to summertime (even though I personally adore Winter). I do love all the windows open, and the long days of light! And the lighter eating, think lots of fruits and veggies, less heavy Winter laden dishes. Do you cycle with the seasons? I sure do!

A few images to inspire you!

Here in CA, our mandates were lifted on June 15th, and life is very sweet right now!

We've all been through hell, and having a slice of normalcy is so sweet. I am a grateful woman,(in general), but with this horror of the past 16 months, even more so now.

Simple things bring so much joy!

So here is my list of Five Favorite Things! Some buyable, and others are right at our fingertips (every day).

1) Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter for Lips, varies from $7.99-9.99 at various stores- I find it on sale sometimes. I think it's on Amazon too. Or directly on their website:

My whole mantra in life is Quality!

In everything I consume, use, put on my skin, hang on my wall, use in my house. Within reason and budgeting of course. This lip balm was a revelation after using Chapstick my whole life. Yes, it costs more, but it works beautifully. My lips are never chapped, and it feels good, and no weird smell. I'm a smell person- it has to smell good!

2) Candles! I like all sorts, ranging from expensive to cheap (think Target), but they have to smell good and not give me a headache. Further blog post coming on this...soon! But for today, my new favorites are:

From Target, Threshold Candles. The scents I like so far are Tangerine Ginger and Watermint Eucalyptus. They have different sizes, and they run $3-10.

3) Milieu Magazine

Found it through a friend. To note, I gave up all my subscriptions, but for Martha Stewart Living, because they all bored me and I was burnt out, frankly. I haven't read the whole issue, but what I've seen, I love. They did a whole article on the power of slip-covering furniture. Revelation! I've always adored slip-covering, but they put new spins on it. Go get the latest issue!

4) The Beach

I've lived in San Diego most of my life and never really been a beachgoer. The cat is out of the bag 😂. Sand isn't my favorite, cold water is Ewww, and I had skin cancer at 29 so burning in the sun, isn't a life goal. But, I love looking at the Ocean, love the sound, love the ambiance, and I've been wanting to go. So last Sunday I did, and it was glorious. It will become part of my life- at least every Sunday for a few hours. Hopefully during the week, too. Hope you can make it to the beach.

5) Reading

I've been reading a lot lately! And, it's been such a joy in my life. Truly! Learning is a lifelong pursuit for me- it fuels my intellectually centered mind. It nurtures me and makes me happy. Whatever makes you happy, start doing it every day, please! So, I'm reading my 2nd book by May Sarton called Journal of Solitude. Can we get an amen for May Sarton? She is the bee's knees to me! She died back in 1995, and for the life of me cannot remember how I found her, but she is a dream. She chronicles her life as a Professor, writer, woman living alone in somewhat rural New Hampshire, and her thoughts on everything. She's perfect for me. She can be found on Amazon- I picked up some more of her books! She ended up moving to Maine and living on the water. I can't wait to get into that book! So, if you love writing, you just might adore her.

I could go on, but I'll stop, and stay tuned for more Monthly Favorites! Can't wait to share.


Founder of Hohm

Living with Antiques, In a Modern way


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