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Spring, Re-birth and a few Pothos

If you've followed by page for any length of time, you know my Love Affair with everything green. I don't remember when I seized with this Green fever, but I am entrenched in it firmly.

Fiddle Leaf Fig + Split Leaf Philodendron

I buy cut flowers bi-weekly; Orchids when I can wiggle them into my budget; and all types of Plants as needed. I have them in my kitchen, definitely my bedroom, both bathrooms, on the porch and entrance to my house. And, when the respective rooms my brother are storing his furniture in, are emptied, I will then follow suit in the dining room and his bedroom, which will then become my new office.

I'll admit, I've kept numerous plants alive for 7+ years, and in the same breadth, killed any equal amount. This should not dissuade you from venturing into the waters (or should I say soils) of house plants. I'm still learning and will always be learning (which I like).

I commented just the other day on Carmeon's post ( a.k.a @nubiinteriors) that my de facto plant for my mantle is now the unkillable: Pothos. I've tried ferns (of many varieties) and killed all of them; I think San Diego is too hot and my living room receives too much sun- oriented from the East.

I now have a Pothos there that I received back in 2012 after my Grandmother passed away. They need little water and they can handle that intense Eastern sun. Also, they are about $5-10 a plant, depending upon where you go. I am also lucky, in that, I buy from a local grower and we've developed a nice relationship- I purchase these plants from him at my local flea market. It's so perfect: I buy plants, cut flowers and plenty of vintage that makes its way to the website. One stop shopping!

I also acquired a Fiddle Leaf Fig from an Estate Sale 6+ years ago (and that Jade green pot), and now it's in my living room; previously it was on the porch but might've been getting a bit too much sun. Also, a relatively easy plant to take care of.

I have a fairly new Split Leaf Philodendron plant and a large plant, that actually needs to be re-potted (I actually forgot the name of it). All of these plants require little watering- about once a week. Easy test: stick finger about once inch down into the soil, if dry then water appropriately.

Plants and flowers are just part of my home Landscape (pun intended) now and I can't imagine my life without them. They provide visual weight but without the clutter that might ensue from trying to fill said space with Smalls or other Home decor items. I'm not much for empty spaces as you know: I'm definitely not a minimalist. I like there to be visual abundance and Plants provide that to a tee.

Plants are also good for cleaning and clearing stale air, if you didn't know- another added bonus. A home just isn't finished, in my humble opinion, without the glorious touch of some greenery...or some Pink-ery!

Start small and go from there. At one time, I had a lot more plants, but now I've tapered it down. I currently have five plants in my living room and rotating cut flowers; three plants on my porch; one fern in the kitch

Trader Joe's Tulips

en; and two plants in my bedroom, and usually an orchid (currently I do not have one). Very manageable and it doesn't take too much time to water.

Remember you can find plants at all types of stores, and even online: they have a section on Craigslist for plants. So, plant away and enjoy!

Please comment below and ask away with any questions you might have.

P.S. My favorite place for cut flowers is none other than Trader Joe's. Great price!

Xo Jennifer


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