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Hohm: A Place Where One’s Affections are Centered

We are now two months into the new year, and I thought I’d share my Aspirations for my house in the New Year. Everyone else is Kon Mari-ing their houses and all together assessing their homes, so a glimpse into mine beyond the squares of the gram seemed appropriate and what perfect timing!

We Interior Designers are always aspiring, envisioning and dreaming about the perfect home. I kid you not. It’s just what we do. My vision for 2019 isn’t too radical, but I would say, coming to a more finished home- is my end goal. Finished is "Cat Nip" for us designers- even though it doesn't stay for long. Something is always on the horizon for us: a tweak here, and upgrade there. It’s just how we work since we are visually centered and it holds the utmost importance to us.

2nd Guest Room

I currently live and rent a house (from family), so the lengths I can go to are not 100% my own; and I also live with my brother who is going through a divorce. He will probably be moving out this spring and that is where most of the change will occur. When he moves out, I will take his bedroom and make it into a permanent office for my business. My hopes are too refinish the floors and re-stain them. Also, I will re-paint the room and all the accompanying trim. It has not been painted in 20+ years and needs a lot of work. I’ve painted my room and personal bathroom blue-greens but for this office, I think I will use the Dunn Edwards color that is throughout the house: Swiss Coffee.

I also want to get some great textiles in there, preferably a large Persian, handwoven rug, and I might use some art and antique Victorian frames I have been saving. I’m thinking I might go wild in my new office and experiment with my style and do something a bit different. We shall see what happens. I will be writing future blogs about the progress of the house throughout the year. Also, the room will need new curtains, but there won’t be a need for keeping light out, so I will definitely be using Sheer curtains of some iteration. There is also a closet in the bedroom, and I’m thinking of building shelving in there where I can store office supplies and also a small amount of inventory. Also, a possible inspiration board would be incredible there! Ooh, now the juices are flowing: a fun wallpaper or fun paint color might be just the trick! Stay tuned for photos, more blogs and also stories on my Instagram page.

Master Bedroom

And, my bedroom which has been featured in my stories and on my feed is done about 95%. My bedroom would be a series of small tweaks and upgrades. When we shot the house for the website re-branding, I was able to upgrade my curtains which was much needed. I would also like to upgrade my side tables next to my bed. I do have two in mind that I’ve found on Wayfair and I’m waiting for a better sale price to acquire them.

Also, I would eventually like to get more Persian hand woven rugs, especially one for underneath my table. I also might sell that Desk and make that a reading nook with some type of sofa, a lamp and just a generally cozy corner. I would also like to get a linen duvet for my bed. I’ve had the Ikea duvet for years and it is starting to have some wear. I’ll leave a couple things under wraps so there are a few surprises.

Living Room

My living room is also quite finished. I would like to move the roll top desk and Craftsman filing cabinet into storage and put something else there- it’s just too crowded right now. I’m still thinking on this and what I would do with that corner. I would like to get a Persian rug to stick on top of my new sisal rug. I would definitely like something fairly large, but smaller than the Sisal Rug and I’m definitely into the pinks, corals and cobalt blues so I can’t wait to source something. I would also like to eventually replace the Baby Blue velvet curtains that keep the dining room hidden, at the moment, as my brothers furniture is in the room and it needs to stay hidden. I also have my eye on a chair for the edge of my carpet that is near the curtains that lead to the dining room. It seems empty and needs to be filled visually. I’m going a little more modern with the piece I have in mind, so we’ll see how it looks. The living room is a rectangle and very hard to decorate, so there is no need to have two chairs- that would clog the flow of the room being right in front of the Piano.

Miscellaneous Spaces

There is a small alcove/hallway between the living room walking into the laundry room and kitchen. I had a small Persian rug there but I sold it back in November. I would like to acquire a new rug and something of a better size. The previous rug was a bit too small.

And, in my hallway (that leads to the bedrooms), I would like a different rug. The one I have currently is too wide, but that will probably be moved to my new office in the Spring/Summer. So many plans! I can't wait!

I’d also like to hang new art work in the laundry room and clean it up and have it be more organized once my brother moves out. And, then the kitchen is in quite a nice state, too. I’m happy with it’s condition. I have a Persian Rug in there that I might be selling in two days, so I might be on the hunt for a new rug. I’d like to get better storage for my Pantry, corner cabinet so that’s just a question of buying more Organizing items from the Container Store. I can’t wait to do a blog on that and give you my secret tips on how I get Glass Storage jars for cheaper prices and where to find them.

I will also be organizing, downsizing and generally going through the house. I always do this in January and I got a bit behind this year because of being sick for the past three weeks, getting this website birthed and overall life. But, now I’m ready! I will be going to Arizona for just shy of two weeks, so be on the lookout for a new blog about my tidying up… should be in your inbox in March. I also forgot to mention. My huge project for the year would be to go, room by room and repaint every single one with the Swiss Coffee. The paint is old and really needs to be refreshed but that’s a daunting task- we shall see if I can do it. Mind you, I will be doing all the painting to save money. I like the challenge.



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